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Hogarth Tyres
  • Tel: 01474 816796
  • Scrap Tyre Collection (Tony) - 07798522580
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Truck Casing purchase

We are able to purchase truck casings that are suitable for the remoulding industry.  Inspection is carried out on-site and on a c.o.d. basis.

Our registered and fully licensed transport team makes regular trips to clients all across the south-east and we always arrange a time that is convenient for you. Our professional and experienced team is second to none and you will always find them personable, efficient and friendly.

Why use Hogarth Tyre Shredders?

We purchase a wide range of truck casings for the remoulding industry. We are happy to come to your premises and purchase your truck casings on site.  Please contact John on 07802 533329.

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